43rd CIFF


With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the way of office is constantly changing. People are no longer limited to fixed office hours and fixed office locations, and office methods have become more diverse.

Archini's products incorporate a variety of interesting and free-spirited design concepts. While having a unique architectural appearance and meeting diverse office functions, it allows mobile office to be seen everywhere.

Exhibition Site

The 2019 Archini booth did not play with colorful color blocks, nor did it have kaleidoscopic shapes. Instead, wood panels and white yarns were used to create a clean space, which reached a sense of collision and balance with products with bright colors and unique shapes.

During the exhibition, visitors were attracted by Archini products, and the unique architectural furniture was loved by customers at home and abroad.

2019 is not only a turning point in the world pattern, but also a huge challenge to Archini. As a new brand, we will still maintain our original aspirations while being recognized by customers. We will use in-depth design and high-demand product quality and humanization. The service creates a comfortable, flexible and interesting office environment for customers.