Guangzhou Designweek


Guangzhou design week was held in Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 5 to 8. Archini is the first exhibitor, and will display the award-winning works in the red cotton award Plank, Pipe.

The red cotton award is jointly sponsored by China Industrial Design Association and Guangzhou international design week. It is the only annual international design event in China that has been jointly certified by ICSID, Icograda and IFI and promoted in the world, It is an annual inventory of "made in China" moving towards "created in China", a channel for enterprises to express their design power, and the highest platform for product display and innovative design.


With avant-garde pixel pattern and eternal purple wall, the booth displays pioneer and classic furniture products.

The booth layout is divided into two parts: single product display area and scene display area.

The single product display area shows a variety of color matching products and assembly and disassembly methods of PLANK tea table.

The scene display can highlight the application effect of the product in the office and leisure space, and is more convenient for visitors to experience.


Inspired bythe Yin-Yang, Tai-Chi,the designerdesigned the PlankCoffeeTableby mixtheYin-YangandJigsaw puzzleup.

Plank CoffeeTable absorbs the wisdom of the industrialized era, showing thedesigner's careful consideration of material utilization.PlankCoffeeTable is made up of twoplates which are inserted and matched with the countertop. The feetplatesare divided intotwo parts, Yin-Yang. They biteeach other to maximize the utilization ratio of the plates.

The Pipe poufis a multifunctional pouf. It can be used as a chair , a writing table, alocker and a storage box. The extended small table top can be used not only forplacing personal belongings but also for working temporarily. When people feeltired, they can also lean on it and relax. The gap between the pouf and thebackrest is used for accommodating books and magazines, which provides peoplewith a more flexible and convenient reading mode in public spaces.